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Lisa Stewart is a Wiccan High Priestess, singer/songwriter, author and businesswoman.

She lives in the beautiful Mid-Hudson Valley with her husband, Anton, where they run NY's oldest metaphysical store, The Awareness Shop.

Here's what she has to say about herself:
Merry Meet! I am so glad that you have connected with this amazing album that we've called Circle In A Box - for my part, I feel incredibly privileged to have had the opportunity to work with Anton and Kol on this project. I really hope you are as happy with the results as we are.
Many years ago when I was only 22 (an interesting number), I began to open up to this wonderful, magickal way of life. Never kid yourself - this path is not easy, but the rewards considerably outweigh the strife. I began by working with crystals and studying the old ways. Then major doorways began to open (like Tiphereth), and I was awakened to many other divination tools and allowed to help others on their way. The Tarot seems to have been the tool that is the most direct and precise for me. I started a with small study group in my home. Over the years I seemed to be pushed more and more to grow and work in the light. I have studied many religions only to find that, for me personally, they all lead to the ancient ways that speak so strongly to me. In 1993 I was able to open a small shop in Clintondale, 1995 I opened at Cherry Hill in New Paltz, We moved to 180 Main St. in 1997 and many amazing people joined the ranks to help. In 1998 I met my soulmate and our circle just keeps growing.

Anton Stewart is a Wiccan High Priest, songwriter, and keyboard player.

Anton was born at a very early age in Birmingham, UK and grew up in the Midlands - the cultural center of England's music industry. Consequently, music was a big influence on his childhood.
He was forced into piano lessons at the tender age of six (when he really wanted to play the bass), but was so terrified of his music teacher (a red-headed, old battle-axe of a woman armed with a long ruler she used to smack his knuckles when he dropped a note), that he jacked it in after just a few lessons... hence he's largely self-taught.
Nonetheless, being blessed with perhaps more than his fair share of musical talent, he went on to play with a bunch of different groups and bands over the years, attaining most critical acclaim as keyboard player with renowned British rock band, Two Minute Storm.
Since meeting his soul-mate (and now wife), Anton immigrated to the USA and settled in the beautiful Mid Hudson Valley - where new opportunities abound. It wasn't too long before Anton was back out playing as the Keyboardist with Lisa's band, Alchemy, and was lucky enough to bump shoulders with, the very talented, Kol Marshall.
The rest, as they say, is history.

Kol Marshall is an Independent music producer, live sound, recording and mastering engineer with over 30 years of experience.

He's best known for his critically acclaimed work with heavy metal artists King Diamond, Mercyful Fate and Ministry, but also has extensive experience producing rock, jazz and indie artists.
His career in recording began at Mediasound Recording Studios in New York City in 1981 where he had the opportunity to learn working along side some of the industry's top engineers and producers including; Mike Barbiero, Michael Brauer, Fred Christie, Doug Epstein, and Mike Thorne.
In the late 1980's he enjoyed a brief but successful performing career playing keyboards with CBS/Epic Records artists See No Evil. The band recorded two albums at The Hit Factory in NY, and also did two national tours as the supporting act for Cindi Lauper, and Modern English.
Moving to Dallas, Texas in 1992, he went on to join forces with studio owner Gary Long and helped him design, build and wire his new facility Nomad Recording Studio. Becoming Nomad's chief engineer, he produced and engineered projects for numerous local acts, and for internationally acclaimed artists such as Absu, Billy Club, Blackwood Ave, Cherry Blossom Clinic, King Diamond, Mercyful Fate, Michael Harris Project, Phantom Rockers, Pitbull Daycare, Roller, Skunk Anansie, Speed Dealer, and Usurper. He also played keyboards and produced recordings with the short-lived Dallas all star band called League Of Blind Women with singer Chris Kelly and musicians Mike Scaccia (Ministry, Rigor Mortis), Casey Orr (Rigor Mortis, Gwar), (the late) Rob Buck and Jerry Augustyniak (10,000 Maniacs) and Mitch Marine (Tripping Daisy).
In the fall of 2003 he worked at Sonic Ranch Recording Studio near El Paso, Texas engineering the 2004 MINISTRY album release titled 'Houses Of The Mole'. Following that project he returned to his home state of New York.
Now settled in the Mid Hudson Valley's Catskill Mountain Region he has allied myself with several local recording studios and focused on working with and producing local talent.
Perhaps more importantly, as a result of living in an area of such incredible natural beauty, Kol found himself developing spiritually.
It wasn't too long before he found himself rubbing shoulders with Lisa and Anton - he firmly believes that what transpired from that union is positively magickal.

But don't take our word for it, take a listen and judge for yourself!

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