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Meet Lisa, Anton & Kol Reviews About Circle In A Box

Q: So why Circle In A Box?

I've been on this path for well over 20 years now and I can't even begin to count how many folks have asked me 'so, how do you cast a circle?' From absolute beginner, through the experienced solitary practitioner who has read literally dozens of books, right up to the seasoned witch now seeking to lead a group, it seemed they all had the same concern; organizing and mapping out the components of a Circle, being concerned about getting things in the right order, and following through properly to ensure the energies raised are correctly released and the sacred space brought back to the mundane.
Sadly, there are very few witches who have the privilege of working with a witch mother or an established Coven, and, even though there's quite a few metaphysical shops around, not many seem to hold regular circles. And of those that do, many seem to be eclectic groups working in a 'freeform' style and not paying much attention to structure or detail.
There's no shortage of books seeking to explain the 'correct' way to cast a circle, but not one of them can actually take you there in the way Circle In A Box does! As you listen, you are transported to a place between the worlds, where a magickal circle is built right around you. Here the Lord and Lady are invoked and energies raised in a powerful meditation which provides the perfect setting in which to work your magick. Finally, the energies are grounded, deities & elementals thanked and released, and the space returned to the mundane.
This beautiful and profoundly moving work was created to help those solitaries seeking a mother's company, as well as a structure or format for those brave leaders trying to establish a ground work for their group. It can even be of aid to the 'crusty old witch' who simply wants to 'work the magick'.
No matter where you stand on this well worn path, I promise you that Circle in a Box will be a valuable working tool for your journey.

Blessed Be - Lisa *)O(*

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