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Review written for by Terence P. Ward
The first track of "Circle In A Box" is conveniently entitled, "How to use Circle In A Box," so I went ahead and followed the instructions, which explained that I should listen through the entire album first, before using it for ritual work. I had wanted to just dive right in and hit the ground running, but I trusted in Lisa's wisdom. I have not yet had the opportunity to use this album as a tool for ritual, so I'm focusing mostly on its musical aspects.
Overall, this work has a New-Agey feel, with heavy keyboards that evoke the classic Narada collections without the smarminess that ran through those compositions as regularly as taxis drive the streets of New York City. Stewart has found a better balance by far, and the music enhances mental focus, rather than distracting from it. I can say this with no small level of confidence, because listening to what have become my favorite tracks whilst driving hither and yon had the effect of beckoning me into an altered state.
Consider that a warning: this was music created with magical intent, and it's good at what it does! If you decide to play it as background, make sure you don't pay so much attention that you slip into trance and, for example, lose count of your squat-thrusts.
The tracks themselves combine re-imaginings of popular Wiccan chants and prayers with original compositions in order to make a complete ritual. Consecration, calling the quarters, casting the circle, invoking deity, and the great rite precede a meditative track designed for the practitioner(s) to focus energy and make magic. Following that are tracks for grounding out while sharing cakes and ale, thanking and releasing the gods and quarters, and a traditional circle-opening song.
Even those compositions which seasoned witches will find familiar are retooled in Stewart's style, and her choices are excellent. Be prepared for surprises along the way!
A word to the not-so-wise: while it's heavily implied that this is an ideal tool for the solo practitioner who is just starting out, I do not agree. More specifically, Circle In A Box is not completely self-sufficient. If you have no knowledge of the Craft, this album will not teach you. There are many good books available on basic Wiccan ritual practice, and it's best to read through one or attend a ritual or two so you know what to expect first. Perhaps Stewart will write a companion book for this album down the line.
As a musical composition, Circle In A Box is relaxing, uplifting, and evokes many emotions. And based on the hints I have gleaned from listening a couple of times, this is a Big Deal ritual tool that fills a need that was long needed.
Terence P. Ward

A view from outside the circle...
Whatever your faith or background, this will give you goosebumps. Circle in a Box is a musical journey of epic proportions, invoking the wonders of our universe. It is very visual - the stirring soundtrack to the screenplay unfolding in your mind's eye. The music is haunting, mesmerizing, moving and inspiring. Lisa's vocals, as always, are stunning. But she also possesses a narrative style that is both beautiful and spellbinding. The perfect antidote to a stressful modern day.
Fliss - bewitched non-Wiccan

Circle in a Box = Wiccan Wonder and Pagan Paradise
Want clear, concise guidance in a Wiccan practice? Here it is. Circle in a Box is the most clear, concise and enjoyable collection in this realm. If you are a solitary user or a group, Circle in a Box is for you. First time or experienced, Circle in a Box provides a wonderful musical and passage guidance in a clear and easy to listen format. Circle in a Box is unique in words and music, traditional in history.
The music selection for this guidance is perfect and the hour goes quickly. 13 tracks of magickal ritual begin with 'How to' and end with 'Merry Meet.' Lisa and Anton Stewart are a wonderful compliment to each other on this recording reminding me of Deva Premal and her husband Miten, the famed mantra recording couple. Both Lisa and Anton possess clear, magickal voices whose timbre and pitch blend well, taking the listener on a magickal journey that is truly anointed.
Both Lisa and Anton are musicians and their compilation in this work demonstrates their skills and abilities. Get ready to transcend into another realm of the God and Goddess, the Lord and Lady.
My favorite track is 8 - Magickal Meditation. All of the tracks are worth listening to again and again. You will find yourself listening to Circle in a Box frequently; each time you will be transported into another realm, each time you will find out more about yourself. Eyes open or closed, you will be taken to a sacred space, a part of the forest/clearing that is enchanted in spirit and historical accuracy.
Circle in a Box makes a wonderful gift for another or for you. The ascension is here, are YOU ready to join the circle? There is also a special treat for those who listen with earphones/buds! So mote it be!
Respectfully Submitted, Denise Bolds

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